Ritual Studio is pleased to offer virtual & in studio sessions with:

Registered Kinesiology & Certified Personal Training

Our clients deserve the best high quality professional service that they can receive for their investment. We have worked hard to design our Kinesiology & Personal Training model!

Our current and new clients will be seen by not just one trainer but by our dynamic professional team consisting of:
Registered Kinesiologist: Renée Dijk,
Certified Personal Trainer: Dina Elliott and
BSc Human Kinetics: Dustin Shean.

How does this work?

New clients will be seen for their Initial Assessment, then 2-4 Foundational Sessions with our Registered Kinesiologist. In these sessions we will:
✨look into health history
✨consider & honour doctor’s notes
✨address previous injuries & chronic conditions
✨address pelvic health
✨discuss a pre-habilitation program for upcoming orthopaedic surgeries (such as knee & hip replacements or pelvic surgeries)
✨complement any physiotherapy, chiropractic, naturopathic, massage therapy or osteopathy care that clients are undergoing

Following these Initial & Foundational sessions, a custom program will be designed by our Registered Kinesiologist: Renée to specifically meet our clients’ intentions & needs. This custom program will then be carried out by Dina or Dustin. Clients will continue to see Dina and Dustin regularly and will still have Check In sessions with Renée as you or we deem necessary, every week if you’d like!

All sessions are 60 minutes in length and can be used interchangeably for exercise, yoga or kinesiology in a one-on-one or small group setting. Sessions will address any and all of the following: postural correction, prenatal and postnatal safe training or yoga, prehabilitation before surgery and rehabilitation post surgery or to recover from injury. Also offered is taping for posture correction or wrist, shoulder, knee and ankle joints, TENS for pain relief as well as assisted PNF stretching and some mobilization techniques.

Ritual Studio’s training services are for any age and stage. This model is the FIRST of its kind and the ONLY one like it in Stratford and surrounding area. We look forward to helping more people in our community!

Personal independence, freedom from pain & dysfunction, improved mood, better energy & stress management are our main objectives. Join us, we’d love to have you in our Ritual Studio community!

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Sessions expire within one year of purchase.

Our cancellation policy is in effect.